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Enabling developers and businesses to deploy GPUs into a scalable, secure and resilient private unmanaged Kubernetes cluster.

Simple Deployment Process

Genesis Cloud unmanaged Kubernetes service gives you the freedom to manage your own cluster Kubernetes is resilient by nature, take the complexity out of deploying your own production GPU cluster by picking from stable deployment options.

Simple Pricing

Pay for what you use with by-the-minute billing. For long running jobs use commited instance pricing to keep your cluster low cost and stable. For bursting workloads add preemptible instances for a fraction of the on-demand cost

Take Control of your Cluster

Take control of your Kubernetes plug-ins, manage upgrades and downgrades, use SDN to bridge across clouds or on-prem, or develop your Kubernetes native software.

Standard Features

Get access to GPU and CPU instances through web dashboard, Kubernetes API, and kubectl.
Use standard toolchains, plugins, and API access and control your cluster.
Simplify your cluster deployments.
Adjust your cluster size as needed.