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Create powerful GPU instances and run your compute intensive workloads like transcoding, rendering or machine learning.

You can't beat our price

No GPU cloud computing comes close to our pricing. We bill you in second-level increments only for the compute time you use. Start with $15 for free today.

Renewable Energy

By working on Genesis Cloud you are eliminating carbon emissions as our data centers are operating with renewable energy. Not via energy-certificates, but directly from geothermal sources.

Fast and Intuitive Setup

Get your Linux GPU instance running in seconds with only a few clicks while still being able to configure it exactly the way you want.

Free Volume Storage

Attach block storage to store large data sets. As of now for free for up to 500 GB. Learn how here.


Create a copy of your instance with one click and reuse it anytime later, even on a different instance type (for example with more GPUs).

Security Groups

Control the network traffic to and from your your instance via configurable rules.

Public API

Automate your workflows with our RESTful API. Learn more on our API documentation here.

Machine Learning Images

Get started right away with our preconfigured images like PyTorch, Tensorflow, or FastAI.