Grow your
business faster


Use the Genesis Compute Cloud to host, manage and speed up GPU workloads in an instance. We provide you access to a virtual machine that comes with local high-performance SSD storage attached and you only pay for what you use at the guaranteed lowest price.

You can't beat our price

No GPU cloud computing comes close to our pricing. We bill you in second-level increments only for the compute time you use. Save even more with our preemptible and long-term discounts.

Fast Network and Interconnect

Save time and speed up your workloads by running them on larger compute clusters that benefit from our high bandwidth GPU and machine interconnects.

Rich Selection of GPUs

We have some of the largest selections of AMD and Nvidia GPUs of various types. We help you to find the GPU that fits best to you project.

Renewable Energy

By working on Genesis Cloud you are eliminating carbon emissions as our data centers are operating with renewable energy from hydro- and geothermal sources.