The Acceleration Cloud

Transform your business using Genesis Cloud's high-performance infrastructure at a price you can afford.

Whether you're creating machine learning models or conducting complex data analytics, Genesis Cloud provides the accelerators for any size application.

Create a GPU or CPU virtual machine in minutes. With multiple configurations, you will find an option that works for your project's size, from bootstrap to scaleout.

Create storage volumes that can dynamically expand as your data grows. Backed by a highly available storage cluster and encrypted at rest, your data is secure from unexpected loss or access.

Our data centers are built using a non-blocking leaf-spine architecture based on 100G switches. Each server is connected with multiple 25G uplinks and each account has its own isolated virtual network for added privacy and security.

Our core values focus on uncompromising design, extreme affordability, excellent customer satisfaction, high-performance infrastructure, and environmental sustainability.


Our cloud offers you infrastructure powered by renewable energy at a price that is the most affordable in the market.

5 hours of access to high compute power per day for $1

RTX 3060 Ti = $0.20/h

RTX 3080 = $0.30/h

RTX 3080 Optimized = $0.36/h

GTX 1080 Ti = $0.60/h

RTX 3090 = $0.70/h

RTX 3090 Optimized = $0.84/h

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Enterprise grade features included with every account

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Habana® Gaudi®2 processor is coming soon!

High performance

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Enterprise-grade data centers and server infrastructure

High performance 100G nonblocking network

High performance SSD storage

Using the latest GPU technology


Check out what Genesis Cloud can do for you with our wide array of customizable tools and personalized customer-first approach to service, no matter where you are in the world.

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Support is available to all our customers worldwide 24/7

Powered 100% renewable energy

Easy to use Compute Dashboard

Public API for developer access and integration