Variable pricing options

We offer a range of different contracts and usage options, customizable to fit your requirements and budget. Contact us for a first consultation.

GPU instances

Secure your access to latest generation accelerators in a cloud run by renewables and contact us for a first consultation where we can discuss your needs and budget. As with our many other customers, together we will find a solution which will fit your requirements.

CPU instances


Great for data uploading, downloading and preprocessing. CPU instances provide you a low cost alternative for tasks where no GPU is required.

Instance TypevCPUsMemoryDisk (SSD)

On-demand price

(per hour)

Monthly long-term

(per month)

Yearly long-term

(per month)

AMD EPYC 75522 vCPU4 GiB80 GiB$0.10$58.40$36.50
AMD EPYC 75524 vCPU8 GiB80 GiB$0.20$116.80$73.00
AMD EPYC 75528 vCPU16 GiB80 GiB$0.40$233.60$146.00
AMD EPYC 755212 vCPU24 GiB80 GiB$0.60$350.40$219.00
AMD EPYC 755216 vCPU32 GiB80 GiB$0.80$467.20$292.00
AMD EPYC 755220 vCPU40 GiB80 GiB$1.00$584.00$365.00
AMD EPYC 755224 vCPU48 GiB80 GiB$1.20$700.80$438.00


High-performance SSD storage in every instance

All instances include highly available SSD system disks. Your data is safe from unexpected loss.

Attachable volume storage

Volumes can be attached to an instance to provide additional block storage from one GiB to multiple TiB.

Disk snapshots

Snapshot your instance disk to backup your work or save your disk and use it later.


Public IP

Access your instance with a public IP address.

Static IP

Access your instance with a static IP address.

Firewall security groups

Create inbound and outbound security groups to prevent your instance from unauthorized access.

Secure SSH access

Using fully encrypted SSH access provides you with a secure connection wherever you are making a connection from.

Additional features

Access these basic features and experience improved functionality and flexibility in your cloud journey.

  • Instance snapshots
  • Security groups
  • Public IP address
  • Internet bandwidth
  • Public API
  • Preconfigured images