Simple and predictable pricing

On-demand, transparent, 100% renewable energy powered, and billed by the minute. We also offer long-term discounts to fit your use case.

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Compare cost per month using our interactive cloud estimator tool and save with Genesis Cloud's predictable and transparent pricing.

GPU Type

GeForce™ RTX 3090

Committed use discounts


20% off

Three months

30% off

Six months

40% off


50% off

GPU instances


High-performance SSD storage in every instance

All instances include highly available SSD system disks. Your data is safe from unexpected loss.

Attachable volume storage

Add terabytes of storage to your instances with highly available attachable volumes. Volumes can be attached to an instance to provide additional block storage from one GiB to multiple TiB.

Disk snapshots

Snapshot your instance disk to backup your work or save your disk and use it later.


Public IP

Access your instance with a public IP address.

Firewall security groups

Create inbound and outbound security groups to prevent your instance from unauthorized access.

Secure SSH access

Using fully encrypted SSH access provides you with a secure connection wherever you are making a connection from.

Additional features

Access these basic features at no additional cost and experience improved functionality and flexibility in your cloud journey.

  • Instance snapshots
  • Security groups
  • Public IPv4 address
  • Internet bandwidth
  • Public API
  • Preconfigured images

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