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Maximize your model inference capabilities with our state-of-the-art accelerated compute cloud and high-speed networking solutions.

Key advantages

Core features

Accelerated compute cloud

Optimized GPU instances designed for model training. Our diverse configurations allow you to tailor resources perfectly to the scale of your AI projects.

Premium storage

Storage solutions that dynamically expand as your data grows. Choose from highly reliable Block Storage volumes, Object Storage, and High-Speed File Storage from VAST Data.

Premium network

Non-blocking leaf-spine architecture with high-end switches, state-of-the-art network cards, and isolated virtual networks for added security.

Affordable access to powerful GPUs

Access powerful GPU resources for inference at just $0.13 per hour. Sign in now to request your quota and accelerate your computations.

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Common questions

What is model inference?
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Model inference is the process of using a trained machine-learning model to make predictions or decisions based on new data. It’s how the model applies what it has learned to real-world situations.

Why is model inference important?
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Inference is crucial because it’s the step where the model actually delivers value, allowing organizations to make data-driven decisions based on the model’s predictions.

What are the benefits of performing inference in the cloud?
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The cloud offers scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency, making it easier to manage varying loads of inference requests and reducing the need for on-premise hardware.

How can I optimize model inference?
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Optimizing model inference can involve techniques such as model simplification, hardware acceleration (using GPUs), and fine-tuning the model to balance between speed and accuracy.

Do you have a platform to manage MLOps?
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Yes, we do! Through our partnership with ClearML, we offer the easiest, simplest, and lowest cost to scale GenAI, LLMOps, and MLOps. ClearML is the leading solution for unleashing AI in the enterprise, offering an end-to-end AI Platform, designed to streamline AI adoption and the entire development lifecycle. Its unified, open source platform supports every phase of AI development, from lab to production, allowing organizations to leverage any model, dataset, or architecture at scale.

How does ClearML facilitate MLOps practices in my organization?
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ClearML integrates tools for managing experiments, versioning data, and automating workflows, helping to ensure reproducibility, collaboration, and efficient deployment of ML models.

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