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Unleash the full potential of your model training with our cutting-edge accelerated compute cloud, object storage, and high-speed networking solutions.

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Key advantages
Accelerated compute cloud

Optimized GPU instances designed for model training. Our diverse configurations allow you to tailor resources perfectly to the scale of your AI projects.

Premium storage

Storage solutions that dynamically expand as your data grows. Choose from highly reliable Block Storage volumes, Object Storage, and High-Speed File Storage from VAST Data.

Premium network

Non-blocking leaf-spine architecture with high-end switches, state-of-the-art network cards, and isolated virtual networks for added security.

Core features

Multi-node AI training

Our infrastructure is built for extensive multi-node training, offering seamless scalability to meet your AI project's needs. Our robust network is amplified by a scale-out network with 3.2 Tbps GPUDirect® InfiniBand Networking, enhancing our system's capability to handle large-scale computational tasks efficiently. This setup ensures that your training operations maintain high performance as they scale across multiple nodes.

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Our products

End-to-end AI acceleration suite

Common questions

What is model training in the cloud?
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In Cloud Computing, model training involves using cloud resources like servers and storage to teach a machine learning algorithm to make predictions or decisions based on data. This process uses the computational power of the cloud to handle large datasets and complex algorithms efficiently.

Why should I train my model on the cloud?
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Training your model on the cloud offers several advantages over local resources, including scalability, flexibility, and access to high-performance computing resources like GPUs.

Why use GPUs for model training?
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GPUs are used for model training in the cloud due to their ability to process large blocks of data simultaneously, which speeds up the time it takes to train machine learning models. This is particularly beneficial for complex models that require extensive computation.

What is multi-GPU training?
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Multi-GPU training in cloud computing refers to the use of multiple GPUs simultaneously to train a single model. This approach significantly reduces the training time and can handle more complex or larger datasets efficiently.

What is multi-node training?
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Multi-node training involves using multiple servers or nodes in the cloud, each with one or more GPUs, to train a machine learning model. This setup enhances training speed and allows for handling extremely large datasets that a single machine could not manage.

What is model fine-tuning?
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Fine-tuning a model in the cloud means making small adjustments to a pre-trained machine learning model so it performs better on a specific task. This is especially useful when you have limited data for training and want to leverage a model initially trained on a larger, general dataset.

Do you have a platform to manage MLOps?
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Yes, we do! Through our partnership with ClearML, we offer the easiest, simplest, and lowest cost to scale GenAI, LLMOps, and MLOps. ClearML is the leading solution for unleashing AI in the enterprise, offering an end-to-end AI Platform, designed to streamline AI adoption and the entire development lifecycle. Its unified, open source platform supports every phase of AI development, from lab to production, allowing organizations to leverage any model, dataset, or architecture at scale.

How does ClearML facilitate MLOps practices in my organization?
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ClearML integrates tools for managing experiments, versioning data, and automating workflows, helping to ensure reproducibility, collaboration, and efficient deployment of ML models.

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