Highly-Available, Reliable, and Elastic Premium Storage

Storage solutions to streamline AI pipelines, enhance productivity, and reduce risk. We offer S3-compatible Object Storage, Block Storage, and High-Speed File Storage to create a powerful data management platform and make your company AI-ready. No ingress/egress fees.


Key benefits

Flexible and cost-effective: On-demand, pay-per-use storage with no ingress/egress costs. Scale with your actual needs.
Extract value: From both structured and unstructured data, quickly and efficiently.
Compliance and security: ISO-certified European data centers ensure your data is stored securely and compliantly.
Optimized for AI/ML workloads: Designed for multi-node trainings, compatible with any storage you use.

for your most demanding needs

Block Storage
/ GB / month
High throughput and low latency
Persistent and reliable
SSD or HDD (prices differ)
Ideal for data reuse and long-term archive
High-Speed File Storage
/ GB / month
Highest performance
Flexible and infinitely scalable
Data platform for AI with VAST Data
Ideal for multi-node trainings on large datasets
Object Storage
/ GB / month
Elastic and highly scalable
Ideal for ML datasets and backups

Frequently asked questions

Where is my data stored?
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Your data is securely stored in the data centers you choose, located in Norway or Iceland. Our ISO/IEC 27001-certified facilities ensure your data is protected within the European Economic Area (EEA), adhering to stringent European regulations.

What are Volumes?
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Volumes are attachable block storage devices, akin to external hard drives. They preserve important data even after instance deletion and facilitate data transfer between instances.

What is Object Storage?
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An S3-compatible solution for managing vast volumes of unstructured data. It uniquely encapsulates data with metadata and identifiers, ensuring precise retrieval.

What is the best solution to manage large datasets?
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Our Network File System (NFS) powered by NVMe and VAST Data technology offers a high-performance, scalable file system ideal for AI, HPC, and video rendering, ensuring high availability and performance.

How does VAST Data Platform facilitate streamlining AI pipelines?
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Its unique disaggregated, shared-everything (DASE) architecture enables Genesis Cloud’s users to maximize their GPU utilization with the parallel performance and reliability needed for diverse and evolving AI-driven workloads. Leveraging VAST’s advanced features such as enterprise-level security, multi-protocol support, and comprehensive data management capabilities, users can streamline their AI pipelines, enhance productivity, and reduce risk.

Does Genesis Cloud apply data transfer fees?
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No, we don’t believe in ingress/egress costs. We prioritize transparency and high performance per dollar with no hidden fees.

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