CPU Instances

Powering accelerated cloud applications efficiently and at scale. For general purpose or high-performance applications.


Key benefits

High-performance CPUs: Configure and deploy CPU instances with flexible options ranging from 2 to 24 vCPUs.
Elastic scaling: Easily scale your instances up or down based on demand, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency.
Affordable and transparent: Enjoy cost-effective and transparent pricing with no ingress/egress costs.
Available on-demand

Starting at $0.10/h

The Genesis Cloud AMD EPYCTM instances are powered by AMD's second and third-generation EPYC processors.

Starting at $0.10 per hour, our CPU instances offer balanced performance for different compute, memory, and networking needs so you can run a wide range of workloads and provide you a low-cost alternative for tasks where no GPU is required.


Our CPU details

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CPU: Up to 24 vCPUs AMD EPYC Rome or Milan.
Disk: 80 GiB highly available data center SSD-block storage.
Memory: 48 GiB ECC registered DDR4 2666 or 3200.

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Access: On-demand from an intuitive web dashboard or API.
Price: AMD CPUs deliver the best performance per dollar.
Network: 25 Gbps and SSD-backed instances disk.
Ideal for: Data uploading, downloading, or preprocessing.

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No hidden costs: Ingress and egress bandwidth included in the instance price.
IP addresses: Each instance includes a public address for internet access.
Scalability: From 2 to 24 vCPUs.
Flexibility: On-demand and long-term billing options to fit your schedule and budget.

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