The Acceleration Cloud

Transform your business using Genesis Cloud's high-performance infrastructure at a price you can afford.

Whether you're creating machine learning models or conducting complex data analytics, Genesis Cloud provides the accelerators for any size application.

Create a GPU or CPU virtual machine in minutes. With multiple configurations, you will find an option that works for your project's size, from bootstrapping on a single accelerator to scaling across many nodes using our state-of-the-art RDMA interconnect.

Create storage volumes that can dynamically expand as your data grows. Backed by a highly available storage cluster and encrypted at rest, your data is secure from unexpected loss or access.

Our data centers are built using a non-blocking leaf-spine architecture based on high-end switches. Each server is connected with the switches using state-of-the-art network cards and each account has its own isolated virtual network for added privacy and security.

Our core values focus on uncompromising design, extreme affordability, excellent customer satisfaction, high-performance infrastructure, and environmental sustainability.

Latest Accelerator Technology


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NVIDIA HGX H100 combines H100 Tensor Core GPUs with high-speed interconnects to form the world's most powerful servers. We deliver state-of-the-art enterprise scale-out architecture with up to 16,384x NVIDIA H100 multi-node instances together with AI optimized network storage solutions.

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NVIDIA L40S GPUs deliver exceptional multi-workload performance. Combining powerful AI compute with best-in-class graphics and media acceleration — ideal for GenAI, LLM, machine learning inference and training as well as 3D graphics, rendering, and video processing.

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Intel® Gaudi®2

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With Intel's powerful Gaudi AI deep learning processors, customers benefit from the most cost-effective, high-performance machine learning training and inference alternative to comparable GPUs.

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High performance

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Enterprise-grade data centers

High-performance storage and network

Official NVIDIA Preferred Partner

Powered by 100% green energy

HPC Data Centers in Europe and North America

We offer best-in-class infrastructure via our network of green HPC data centers, where cutting-edge technology meets sustainability. With a deep commitment to environmental responsibility, our data centers boast the latest AI accelerators and GPUs and a robust network and storage solution, specifically designed to supercharge GenAI, Simulations, Rendering, and other high-performance computing workloads. Our data centers are certified and guarantee the highest security standards.

We provide value for most demanding business needs.

Clear ML

"Through the partnership with Genesis Cloud, we are offering the easiest, simplest, and lowest cost to scale MLOps. Now, teams using ClearML can automatically spin up and spin down compute instances based on user load with Genesis Cloud's 100% green energy solution, delivering the lowest cost to train in the market while maintaining our commitment to sustainability."

Moses Guttmann, Co-founder & CEO at ClearML


"We use Genesis Cloud basically for their fast, scalable, and affordable NVIDIA GPUs. Ideal for our heavy usage of deep learning algorithms to process sizeable medical images. Their data center facility in Iceland run by geothermal energy is a big plus."

Holger Willems, Co-founder & CEO at Relu