Simple and predictable pricing

Tired of high cloud GPU costs? By building on price-efficient crypto-mining infrastructure we are able to provide the most affordable GPU infrastructure out there. On-demand, transparent, 100% renewable and billed by the minute. We also offer committed use discounts and preemptible instances to fit your use case.


Powerful virtual machines with dedicated GPUs, vCPUs and memory and SSD cluster backed disk. Scale your instance to the perfect size to perform compute heavy workloads such as machine learning, 3D rendering or video transcoding. Instances are billed by the minute for the total time running until deleted. For long-term instance rental (monthly commitment or more) please contact

GPU Instance: Nvidia 1080 Ti

Unbeatable cost efficiency for OpenCL and CUDA based applications such as deep learning with 1 or up to 10 NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti GPUs each providing 11 GB of GPU memory.

Beta Discount (50% Off)
GPUsvCPUsMemorySSDPrice on-demand(per hour)Price long-term(per month)
1x 1080 Ti4 vCPU12 GiB80 GiB$0.30$109.50
2x 1080 Ti8 vCPU24 GiB80 GiB$0.60$219.00
3x 1080 Ti12 vCPU36 GiB80 GiB$0.90$328.50
4x 1080 Ti16 vCPU48 GiB80 GiB$1.20$438.00
5x 1080 Ti20 vCPU60 GiB80 GiB$1.50$547.50
6x 1080 Ti24 vCPU72 GiB80 GiB$1.80$657.00
7x 1080 Ti28 vCPU84 GiB80 GiB$2.10$766.50
8x 1080 Ti32 vCPU96 GiB80 GiB$2.40$876.00
9x 1080 Ti36 vCPU108 GiB80 GiB$2.70$985.50
10x 1080 Ti40 vCPU120 GiB80 GiB$3.00$1,095.00

GPU Instance: AMD MI25

Boost OpenCL and ROCm based applications with 1 or up to 10 AMD MI25 GPUs each providing 16 GB of HBM2 GPU memory and up to 240 GiB of instance memory.

Beta Discount (50% Off)
GPUsvCPUsMemorySSDPrice on-demand(per hour)Price long-term(per month)
1x MI254 vCPU24 GiB80 GiB$0.40$146.00
2x MI258 vCPU48 GiB80 GiB$0.80$292.00
3x MI2514 vCPU72 GiB80 GiB$1.20$438.00
4x MI2518 vCPU96 GiB80 GiB$1.60$584.00
5x MI2524 vCPU120 GiB80 GiB$2.00$730.00
6x MI2528 vCPU144 GiB80 GiB$2.40$876.00
7x MI2532 vCPU168 GiB80 GiB$2.80$1,022.00
8x MI2538 vCPU192 GiB80 GiB$3.20$1,168.00
9x MI2542 vCPU216 GiB80 GiB$3.60$1,314.00
10x MI2548 vCPU240 GiB80 GiB$4.00$1,460.00

GPU Instance: AMD RX 470

Perfect for OpenCL workloads with low CPU and memory demand such as rendering or hashing this instance type delivers unmatched GPU FLOP per Dollar. This instance type always comes as a dedicated host with 2 vCPUs and 8GiB of memory for 1 or up to 8 AMD RX470 GPUs each providing 8 GB of GPU memory.

Beta Discount (50% Off)
GPUsvCPUsMemorySSDPrice on-demand(per hour)Price long-term(per month)
1x RX 4702 vCPU8 GiB80 GiB$0.18$65.70
2x RX 4702 vCPU8 GiB80 GiB$0.36$131.40
3x RX 4702 vCPU8 GiB80 GiB$0.54$197.10
4x RX 4702 vCPU8 GiB80 GiB$0.72$262.80
5x RX 4702 vCPU8 GiB80 GiB$0.90$328.50
6x RX 4702 vCPU8 GiB80 GiB$1.08$394.20
7x RX 4702 vCPU8 GiB80 GiB$1.26$459.90
8x RX 4702 vCPU8 GiB80 GiB$1.44$525.60

CPU Instance

Great for data uploading, downloading or preprocessing. CPU only instances provide you a low cost alternative for tasks where no GPU is required.

Beta Discount (50% Off)
vCPUsGPUsMemorySSDPrice on-demand(per hour)
4 vCPU-4 GiB80 GiB$0.05
8 vCPU-8 GiB80 GiB$0.20
12 vCPU-16 GiB80 GiB$0.30
16 vCPU-24 GiB80 GiB$0.40
20 vCPU-32 GiB80 GiB$0.50
24 vCPU-40 GiB80 GiB$0.60
28 vCPU-48 GiB80 GiB$0.70


Genesis Cloud provides two options to save data beyond an instance's lifetime. Instance snapshots create a copy of an instance's disk. Volumes can be attached to an instance and provide additional block storage from 1 GiB to multiple Terabyte. During the beta phase both storage options are free of charge.

Free features on all our products and services

  • Instance Snapshots
  • Volumes
  • Security Groups
  • Public IPv4 Address
  • Ingress and Egress
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