Block storage

Genesis Cloud offers block storage volumes for persistent data storage that you can dynamically configure and attach to your instance.

Use block storage to increase your instances storage capacity by attaching volumes that are managed independently of your instances. Attached volumes are not deleted when you delete your instance so your data can be reused on another instance or kept for archival purposes. Volume storage capacity can be dynamically increased to scale with your application.

Block storage


All Genesis Cloud volumes are backed by a highly available HDD cluster so your data is safe from unplanned loss or deletion.

  • Attach persistent block storage volumes to your instance for space when you need it.
  • Highly available configuration so your data is never unexpectedly lost.
  • Dynamically scalable from 1GB to Terabytes.
  • RESTful API to automate the creation and deletion of your volumes.
  • Get started quickly with automatic file system configuration and partition expansion.
  • Access your data fast with high throughput sequential read speed.

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