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Introducing NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU Instances: A Leap for AI and Compute.

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Genesis Cloud

We are excited to unveil the latest addition to our high-performance computing portfolio – the NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU. These GPUs pair with NVLink interconnects to form the world’s most powerful servers. Our offering scales impressively, supporting up to 16,384 multi-node NVIDIA H100 instances, integrated with AI-optimized network storage solutions, to meet the escalating demands of Generative AI and high-performance computing (HPC) simulations.

“With the NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU joining our lineup at Genesis Cloud, we’re enhancing our capabilities in large-scale AI training and Large Language Models. This significant addition to our service offerings goes beyond a mere commitment to AI enterprises; it embodies our vision of empowering the innovators and pioneers shaping the future of AI.  We’re not just meeting the advanced needs of today; we’re anticipating the challenges of tomorrow, ensuring our clients have the most versatile and cutting-edge tools at their disposal. This step aims to position us as the go-to European cloud provider for large AI models.” — Stefan Schiefer, CEO of Genesis Cloud

As we continually strive to provide cutting-edge resources, the NVIDIA H100 GPU stands as a testament to our commitment to technological excellence. Find out more about the technical specifications on our dedicated page NVIDIA HGX H100 - Genesis Cloud.

🌐 Advancing AI with Hopper Architecture:

The NVIDIA H100 GPU marks the debut of the ground-breaking Hopper architecture on our cloud platform. Crafted for AI at scale, it boasts the capabilities of Transformers redefining the benchmarks for machine learning and Large Language Models.

🌟 Optimized for LLMs:

The NVIDIA H100 GPU is engineered for optimal AI performance. With its latest Tensor Cores and the innovative Transformer Engine, it’s primed for the most demanding AI tasks. The Transformer Engine in the NVIDIA H100 GPU is intelligently designed for peak AI efficiency, dynamically selecting between FP8 and 16-bit computations. This smart selection within layers leads to remarkable performance gains, delivering up to 4x faster training and up to 30x faster inference in LLMs compared to the previous generation A100 GPU.

🚀 Powerful Compute and Connectivity:

Equipped with 80GB of HBM3 memory, our servers set the industry standard for demanding AI and HPC applications. With CPUs featuring over 200 threads and more than 2 terabytes of RAM, our infrastructure is designed for seamless handling of large-scale data and complex computations. Our local NVMe SSD storage extends beyond 30 TB to ensure rapid data access and efficiency. The robustness of our infrastructure is amplified by a scale-out network with 3.2 Tbps RDMA (Infiniband) and node-to-node connectivity up to 400Gbps. At Genesis Cloud, we’re proud to offer some of the market-leading servers, enabling our customers to process the most complex and memory-intensive tasks effortlessly.

🌿 Sustainability Meets Performance:

As part of our commitment to a sustainable future, we’re excited to share that our NVIDIA H100 instances run on 100% renewable energy. Opt for our cloud solutions and join us in our pledge for an eco-friendly yet powerful computational journey.

👉 Embark on the Path to Exceptional Performance:

Discover the impressive capabilities of the NVIDIA H100 GPUs on our cloud and embark on a journey to extraordinary computational achievements at exceptional prices. With Genesis Cloud, your path to advanced AI and HPC is more accessible than ever.

Reserve your NVIDIA HGX H100 instances today NVIDIA HGX H100 - Genesis Cloud and embrace the future of cloud computing!

Keep accelerating 🚀

The Genesis Cloud team

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"We’re not just meeting the advanced needs of today; we’re anticipating the challenges of tomorrow, ensuring our clients have the most versatile and cutting-edge tools at their disposal." - Stefan Schiefer, CEO of Genesis Cloud

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